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(Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Bon Bon Treat (Cake Balls)

I have a friend who makes these for many special occasions. To me they are her signature treat. When I learned how easy they are to make, I decided to try it. I ended up making these little cake balls for the kids teachers and a few of my friends for Valentines Day. The cake part of it is easy and quick, but it is the dipping of them that takes time.

Cake Balls
1-Box Cake Mix, made according to package instructions (Flavor of Choice)
1-container Frosting (Flavor of Choice)
Vanilla or Chocolate Almond Bark

After the cake is baked and cooled. Crumble the cake and mix in the entire container of frosting. Space mixtures into small balls. Place on waxed paper and freeze. (This step makes it easier for me. The cake stays together better as I dip them, but it does set the chocolate faster which is a factor is your are wanting to add sprinkles.)
Melt your almond bark and dip individual balls into it, remove, and place on wax paper to set.
*I used a chocolate cake mix with a cream cheese frosting.

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