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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun Holiday Cookies

The boys and I had so much fun making these adorable cookies. A friend of mine did these on her goodie plates last year and I just fell in love with how cute they were. After creating them for our goodie plates this year, I fell in love with how quick they come together, not to mention hours of rolling, cutting, and frosting. You can make them into Ghost at Halloween. I have even had the thought come to try to make cute a snowman, but haven't done it yet. Let your imagination run wild. It was fun to make both brown nose and red nose reindeer-You can display Santa's herd of flying reindeer with Rudolph in the lead on your plates--just so cute, quick, and fun. These cookies are a Hit with our family and friends.

1 (1 lb) package Almond Bark (I used Plymouth Pantry-just what our store had)
1 package Nutter Butter Cookies
Twisted Pretzels (Regular or Large size)
Red and Brown M&M's (Plain or Peanut)
Mini Chocolate Chips

Melt the almond bark as directed on the package in the microwave. Dip the Nutter Butter cookie in melted bark and place on waxed paper. Quickly add the pretzel for antlers, M&M and mini chocolate chips. Allow Bark to harden before moving to goodie plates.

*My friend uses plain M&M's and smaller pretzel twist. I didn't know that when I bought my pretzels so instead of placing the pretzel on the front like she does I put mine on the back. I personally like the peanut M&M's better for eating! I mean for the nose ;-) so I used them and think that they make the nose stand out and are better portioned with the cookie size.

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Mannings said...

These are so cute Jill! Camie told me about this site and I love it :) I'm going to try and make these cute reindeer cookies, wish me luck!~ Jamie