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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lemon Pepper Chicken Sandwich-Pioneer Woman

I am now almost at the 14 week mark of my pregnancy and boy food just isn't appealing to me--in the sense that nothing every sounds good to me, but once I have buckled down and made it food always taste good (for the most part). All the recipes we've been trying are not doing it for us and so I haven't felt like I have posted something yummy in a while. So it they have made it on the blog in the last few months it is because they tasted good, were quick to make, and that more than just my self enjoyed how it tastes. If there is anyone out there with some great recipes they would be willing to share I am SO INTERESTED in hearing about them. I am in a rut and feel stuck in the mud. I really could use some ideas of what has worked for others lately. I go on my favorite food blogs and nothing even appeals to me very often, but it all looks good-- this seems wacky to me.

Anywhooooo, I did go searching for something last night because I was so at a total loss as to what to make for dinner (it was just after 4 pm and the kids were getting hungry). So my friend Aubrey had told me of some great recipes she had been trying off Pioneer Woman's blog so I started there. I ended up trying this chicken sandwich and it was quick, easy, and tasty! I didn't really care for the name she gave it Marlboro Man's Favorite sandwich #2 so I named it differently.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Sandwich
1/2 lb Peppered Bacon
Chicken Breast/Tenders *
Hamburger Buns or Kaiser Rolls

Fry the 1/2 lb. bacon in the pan to desired doneness (Extra crispy for me!) CAREFULLY, Pour off the grease and return 1 Tablespoon of grease back to the pan. (I didn't have peppered so I just sprinkled some pepper on top of my raw bacon before cooking it--work fine.) Then generously cover both sides of Chicken with Lemon Pepper seasoning. (I was a little timid on this fearing it might make it peppery hot for my kids, but I can honestly say be generous with it.) Get oil nice and hot again then add your chicken pieces. Cook until no longer pink. While Chicken is just finishing the last few minutes of its cooking, place strips of bacon on top if each piece of chicken (or a couple depending on the meats size). Add your sliced cheese over the top. Then cover pan with lid to help the cheese melt.

Remove Chicken from pan and place on buns, and serve!

I always love tomatoes on my sandwiches so we added that as our own twist. I also thought it need a small amount of mayo to help the bun not be so dry. It was a great sandwich and we will make it again.

* Chicken (Pioneer Woman used 2 Breast. I need it to feed more than to people so I used 7 Chicken Tenders from Costco.) Pound them out into a 1/2-inch flat piece.

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